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Foodie Days Calendar May [Content inspiration & Hashtags]

Have you started planning your social media content for the month of May? 📆 We have! And we know it can take a bit of time to get a solid plan together. To help you out, our team has done some foodie days research for you 🕵️‍♂️ Download your Foodie Days Calendar below, pick out the days that match your concept and fill the month of May with awesome content!

May Foodie Days Calendar

This month contains a good mix of ‘guilty pleasure’ foodie days and some pretty healthy ones! 💕 Download your Foodie Days Calendar via the link below:

Download my calendar!

Would you like to get a reminder before the upcoming foodie days?
You can add the days to your own Google Calendar by clicking here.

What will I find in this blog post?

  • Content Inspiration
  • Key dates
  • Ideas to grow your community
  • Fun recipes
  • Hashtags

How do I get the most out of this calendar?

Not every Foodie Day will match with the concept of your restaurant, and so there’s no need to try and fit every single one of them in your content calendar. Just pick out the ones that do match!

Then, start by taking great quality pictures , writing fun captions that match your business’ tone of voice, and posting about it. Remember to add relevant hashtags # were possible. As your expertise increases, get even more creative and definitely think out of the box. You’ll have fun, and your customers will, too!

Tip: Are your posts ready? Use a planning tool that automatically publishes them. In that way, you’ll no longer have to worry about posting them out on time, and you’ll be able to focus on your core business of delicious food and great service!

🚀 Pro Tip: As mentioned above, it’s important to add some relevant hashtags to your post, in order to maximize your efforts, and be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But, how do these hashtags actually work? People sometimes search on a particular hashtag and browse the search results to find photos they are interested in. Every hashtag has its own “gallery” on Instagram. A gallery is divided into a “Recent” section (how recent a post is), and a “Top” section (how many likes/comments a post has received).

Fun examples

We’re a bunch of die-hard foodies at AreTheyHappy, which makes selecting awesome Foodie Day examples to share with you a fun team moment! In the next section, we’ve selected some great examples of how other restaurants have approached foodie days! Let’s get started.

May 11th – Eat What you Want Day 🙌

What?! 😱 Eat what you want?! This day is even better than our own birthdays! But did you know there’s an important reason behind this concept?

“Eat What You Want Day” was created to give people a break from obsessing over restrictions and fad diets. Observed annually on May 11, “National Eat What You Want Day” is about having one day a year of eating with no regrets.

How To Observe this Foodie Day: Celebrate this fantastic concept by eating your favorite foods. Online, post pictures of some of the most delicious and eye-catching drinks, dishes and desserts on your menu, and use the hashtag  #EatWhatYouWantDay when sharing on social media.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Missy Kay (@love_lifts_us_all) op

May 13th – International Hummus Day

When life gives you lemons – add chickpeas, tahini, garlic, salt and olive oil. Oh, how our team loves hummus! 😍

Check out this post from Hümm, a great restaurant in the city of Antwerp which uses hummus as the centrepiece of their dishes. 

Hashtag suggestion: #hummus #hummusaddict #hummuslover #hummusrecipe #hummuslove #hummusdip #hummusislife #homemadehummus #delightedbyhummus #hummusisyummus #foodieday #foodie #foodies #healthy #healthychoices #vegan #veganfoodie #chickpeas #healthyfood

If you feel like giving hummus a try in your own menu, check out this recipe from the one and only Jamie Oliver.


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This week’s special: Sesame beef tartare w/ hummus, guacamole, potato crisps, mango mayo #lunchtime #antwerp #hummus #hummulicious

Een bericht gedeeld door HÜMM (@humm_antwerp) op

May 28th – International Hamburger Day 🍔

Hamburgers! Need we say more? Check out Ellis Gourmet Burger’s Instagram page for inspiration on creating awesome burger posts. What we love about their feed is the user generated content. They always try to share content made by their own customers.  It’s a win-win situation, you have awesome content, without putting time in making a perfect picture and your customer will be honored that you shared his photo with your network. 

Not yet convinced it’s worth the effort? Take a brief scroll through your Instagram. Burgers are one of the ten most instagrammed dishes, so there’s a high probability you just saw one passing by. Stand out and give that little extra creative touch to your burger photo with these 15 Creative Food Photography Ideas.

Hashtag suggestion: #burger #burgerporn #hamburger #cheeseburger #burgers #instaburger #burgertime #burgerlovers #burgerlover #bestburger #fastfood #cheatmeal #beef #burgerlove #burgraphy #burgerlife #shareyourburger

Get ready, set, plan!

Let’s get started and rock the month of May! There are some great foodie days ideas in the calendar above, and so check it out today. Don’t forget to tag @aretheyhappy in your Foodie Post! We love to see what you’re up to! 🤗

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