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June Foodie Days Calendar [Key dates + 🚀 Tips]

Posting regularly on your Instagram and Facebook pages is a great way to promote your restaurant brand. In fact, it’s the most effective marketing solution to increase brand awareness and visibility. To help customers (and potential customers) find your business on social media, it’s important to post at least 2-3 times a week.

Wondering how to come up with great new posts every week? You’ve come to the right place: get inspired and plan ahead with our June Foodie Days Calendar. Get excited because June has a lot to offer! 👍

June Foodie Days

What will I find in this blog post?

  • Content Inspiration
  • Key dates to post about
  • Ideas to grow your community
  • Social media tips

How do I get the most out of this calendar

First, pick out some interesting Foodie Days. There’s no need to go overbroad and try to fit every single one of them in. Just focus on the ones that match your brand and concept.  

🚀 Pro Tip: Create  a content calendar in order to keep a clear overview of all your upcoming social media posts. Next, schedule your posts. Did you know you can schedule your posts with the AreTheyHappy Tool? We allow you to schedule content to automatically publish at a specific time so that the load is more manageable. Just upload a picture, type in a caption, and pick a date and time, and voila! You can forget about it. It will publish it for you at the designated hour.  

Too busy?

No problem! Download your foodie calendar as a PDF today and post  it on the wall or add other noteworthy events to it.

Foodie Days Calendar June

Tip: click on the names of your favorite days to find out more!

Download my calendar!

Would you like to get a reminder before the upcoming foodie days?
You can add the days to your own Google Calendar by clicking here.

Examples from other Restaurants

In the next section, we’ve selected some great examples of how other restaurants have approached their foodie days. 🙂

June 7th – Donut Day 🍩

It’s a day you DONUT want to miss! 😏

National Donut Day — which originated in the US, is celebrated on the first Friday of June of each year. This year it falls on Friday, 7 June. It was an event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor those members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War 1. On this day, many patisseries and doughnut brands offer free donuts or donut deals on National Donut Day.

So, on the 7th of June, put your donuts in the spotlight. Post beautiful pictures about them! Or offer a deal. Not usually on your menu? Add a fun twist this weekend, by serving up mini donuts with your customers’ coffees? They’ll love the playful change.

🚀 Pro Tip: Check out how the following brands are posting a week or two in advance in order to get their followers excited! 🙂 It’s a good tip for all your key foodie days, i.e. Donut Day for a patisserie, World Pasta Day for an Italian restaurant, Hamburger Day for a QSR (Quick-Service restaurants). You got our drift. 😉



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June 8th – World Gin Day 🍸

Tching, let’s raise a glass to this one!

The Instagram feed of The London Gin Club is a nice example of consistent posting. They regularly post pictures of beautiful gin & tonics, as well as pictures of their favorite gin brands. In most pictures, the lighting is similar. The composition is also similar. Our point is that consistency in your posts goes a long way to creating a brand that people recognize!

Use hashtags like these: #bartender #bartending #bartenderlife#cocktail #cocktailoftheday#cocktailart #mixology #mixologist#craftcocktails #classiccocktails#huntingtonbeach #orangecounty#photooftheday #handcrafted#instadrinks #newyork #sandiego#sanfrancisco #imbibe#ginandtonicday #gintonic #lasvegas

🚀 Pro Tip: Who said captions have to be long? While the  maximum number of characters you can use in an Instagram post is 2200 characters, many of the best performing posts are between just 138 and 150 characters! Thus, there’s no need to worry. Three catchy sentences is more than enough! (However, if you have more to say, that’s also great for your audience!) Check out great captions, below, from The Gin Club, below 👇



June 18th – International Sushi Day 🍣

Oh my goodness, do you love sushi? So do we! 💕

June 18th is International Sushi Day, and the first year it was celebrated was in 2009. International Sushi Day was created for one simple reason – to encourage all around the world to eat and love more sushi.

If you serve sushi, go ahead and be proud! 🙂 International Sushi Day is an amazing opportunity to highlight this healthy dish, and encourage customers and potential customers to visit your restaurant. And, you’re lucky, sushi translates into beautiful photos for social media.

Fun facts to share with your customers: The first thing to realise is that “sushi” doesn’t mean “raw fish”. It actually refers to a dish of vinegared rice served with various fillings and toppings, which may include raw fish. The original sushi was first developed in Southeast Asia as a means of preserving fish in fermented rice. It came to Japan in the 8th century, where it has developed and evolved to the amazingly versatile dish that it is today!

Try these hashtags to get found easier: #sushi #sushitime #sashimi #sushilovers #japanesefood #sushiporn #salmon #sushilover #ilovesushi #tunalover #instasushi #sushiaddict #seafood

🚀 Pro Tip: See how Goro and Gun advertise that they have lots of specials like sake bombs and Japanese beers. Scroll a bit further below and check out how Rasushi offer gift cards.


Get ready, set, plan!

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