Foodie holidays in February

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Just like January, February has lots of events to offer that could shine the spotlight on your social media and your bar, cafe, restaurant or hotel. From decorations to new recipes, we’ll provide you with the necessary inspiration for this month.

February food events and holidays you should know about

The entire month – Carnival

The official carnival period in Belgium and the Netherlands takes place between the 1st of February to the 9th of March. Different celebrations in different cities are held throughout the carnival period. To check when carnival will be celebrated in your city or town, click here for a list of festivities Belgium and here for the Netherlands.

If you have a restaurant or café situation near the location for a carnival parade, you can  expect to have extra customers come over!

Tip: during carnival festivities, most people aren’t shy to drink a little extra.

According to tradition, it is common to prepare your stomach for lots of drinks by treating yourself to extra greasy snacks and dishes. Think boule de berlins, churros, or the typical carnival pastry nonnevot.

 Recommended hashtag:  #carnival

 For whom:  Local businesses located in the vicinity of carnival festivities or business that are offering sweets

 What you can do:  Consider putting a big sign outside your door to attract revelers. To add to the festivities, consider adding balloons, streamers and masks.

For ice cream parlors, waffle stalls, and donut sellers, it’s the time of the year to have fun with confetti sprinkles and other eye-catching and colourful toppings. Want to take it to a whole new level? Confetti cake pops are all the hype this year, and they’re very photogenic. If that doesn’t score well on Instagram, then we don’t know what will! For inspiration, look up #cakepopstagram.


Also the entire month: Tournée Minérale

This event has considerably less alcohol involved than the previous one, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. On the contrary! Tournée Minérale is a one-month awareness campaign led by the Foundation Against Cancer that urges everyone to temporarily stop drinking alcohol during the entire month of February. The campaign encourages people to use #tourneeminerale during fun moments with friends, to show that it’s perfectly possible to have fun without any alcohol. So don’t forget the hashtag when you post about it yourself.

 Recommended hashtag:  #tourneeminerale

 For whom:  Restaurants and bars

 What can you do during the campaign:  Shine the spotlight on your non-alcoholic drinks this month. Instead of the usual cocktail maison, consider creating some alcohol-free suggestions. Be sure to check out some awesome alcohol-free recipes.

You can also participate yourself of course, and replace your evening glass of wine with a refreshing glass of lemon water. We never said it would be easy!

World Nutella Day – 5th of february

About 10 years ago, American blogger Sara Rosso proclaimed Nutella to be “such a genius invention,” that it deserves its own holiday. That idea took off and, today, countless Nutella fans all over the world celebrate this unofficial holiday. In 2015, Nutella officially declared the 5th of February #worldnutelladay. Great example of what brand ambassadorship should look like, right?

 Recommended hashtag:  #nutelladay #worldnutelladay #nutellalovers and of course #nutella

 For whom:  Everyone! Okay, or at least, anyone who offers dessert, sweet treats and novel drinks

 What you can do with it:  The real question is, what can’t you do with Nutella? Try pizza with Nutella, melted Nutella to dip fruit or marshmallows in, lattes and freakshakes decorated with the famous hazelnut paste, waffles and ice creams draped in chocolate, … You can even use empty Nutella jars to present all kinds of goodies. Whether you can empty enough pots of Nutella by then, is another matter …

Hazelnut soft serve topped with croissant bites ? Credit: @feedyourgirlfriend #NYC?

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Spring break – 12 to 18 February

Although spring break is not an official holiday, it is nonetheless an important period to highlight in your calendar. Why? Since plenty of kids and students don’t have to go to school, you can expect more visitors than usual. It is interesting to note that in most parts of the Netherlands, the holiday is scheduled a week later than in Belgium. So, keep this in mind if you’re a business that is often frequented by Dutch people.

 Recommended hashtag:  #krokusvakantie or #springbreak

 For whom:  Local business regularly frequented by locals and tourists from Belgium and the Netherlands.

 What you can do:  You might expect extra visitors, especially families with kids. Consider updating your kids menu or just make sure you have some kid friendly suggestions. Light snacks and treats such as ice cream and milkshakes are popular choices as well.

Valentines day – February 14

Of course, the biggest event in February is Valentine’s Day! February 14th is the perfect occasion to celebrate all things romantic. Read further for some creative suggestions.

 Recommended hashtag:  #valentine, #valentines #valentinesday

 For whom:  Everyone!

 What you can do with it:  Set the mood. You can obviously decorate your restaurant with some roses, hearts and candles of all shapes and sizes. You could present your dishes with a more romantic twist: spread some raspberry coulis on your plate in the shape of a heart, or serve your coffee with a romantic cookie. Rose petals make for great decoration, and you can even buy edible ones! On this special day, some restaurants offer special couple menus.

Margarita day – February 22

To end our list, we have a drink that tickles your entire sense of taste: the margarita! The famous party drink gets its own holiday at the end of the month.

 Recommended hashtag:  #margaritaday

 For whom:  Cocktail bars, tapas bars, Mexican restaurants and other hotels or restaurants that might want to serve more creative drinks.

 What you can do:  If you are looking for a new cocktail suggestion for the month of February, the margarita fits perfectly. Although summer is still far away, this treat will bring in the sunshine in no time. If you prefer to walk the road to Margaritaville without any alcohol, you can opt for the virgin version by replacing the tequila and triple sec with lemonade or something similar.


Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! How do you take yours?

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Hopefully we’ve given you enough inspiration and information to make a success out of this month. Have fun with it, and don’t hesitate to share your creations with us on Facebook and Instagram! Any events we might have overlooked? Let us know and we’ll gladly adjust our list.