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Foodie Days Calendar April [Hashtags + Tips]

Today, it is absolutely essential for your restaurant to have an online presence. Your customers and, especially, potential customers expect to see and interact with you online. One way to engage with your customers, but also subtly market your business is by sharing some content about your food and business on different social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The obvious next question is: “That’s a great idea. But, what if I don’t know what to even begin posting?” We’ve got you covered! , We’ve created a foodie days calendar for April to help you plan your content for the entire month. (No, this ain’t no April Fools 😋)

Foodie Days Calendar April

This month is generally about one big traditional holiday that you absolutely can’t forget to post about! (Here’s a hint: 🐰🥚). But, if you’re looking for ways to be original, you should definitely also have a look at other lesser known Foodie Days! And, you’ll be surprised. April is actually packed with a lot of yummy, sugary but also healthy foodie days!

Download your foodie calendar as a pdf!

Tip: click on the names of your favourite days to find out more!

Download my calendar!



Would you like to get a reminder before the upcoming foodie days?
You can add the days to your own Google Calendar by clicking here.

What will you find in this blog post?

  • Key dates
  • Ideas to grow your community
  • Fun recipes
  • Hashtags

How to get the most out of this calendar

Not every Foodie Day will match with the concept of your restaurant. So there’s no need to fit every single one of them in your content calendar. Just pick out the ones that do match!

Start with taking good quality pictures, writing fun “captions” and posting about it. As your confidence increases, get creative and definitely think out of the box! You’ll have fun and your customers will, too.

Small tip: Are your posts ready? Use a planning tool that automatically publishes them. In that way, you’ll no longer have to worry about posting them out on time, and you’ll be able to focus on your core business of delicious food and great service!

Team’s choice

We’re a bunch of foodies at AreTheyHappy, 🙊 which makes selecting some awesome Foodie Days to share with you a fun team moment!

Here are the team’s top 3 Foodie Days for the month of April! foodie days calendar April

April 3rd – National Chocolate Mousse Day 🍫

With our headquarters in Belgium, it’s no surprise that we’ve put National Chocolate Mousse Day in first place!

What to do on National Chocolate Mousse Day? Well, if you already have chocolate mousse on your menu, this should be an easy one for you! But if you don’t, it’s not that hard to make! Consider adding it to the menu this week and then posting about it. Have a look at the Top 10 chocolate mousse recipes.

Offline efforts: Get your waiters to suggest it. Hang a sign outside. Offer a two for one. Show everyone you’re proud of your chocolate mousse!
Online efforts: Prep a gorgeous photo, and post it online. See the example below!

To maximize your efforts, we recommend using the following hashtags to make sure that chocolate fans find you online: #nationalchocolatemousseday #chocolatemousseday #chocolatemousse #moussedechocolate #instachocolate #choco #dessertstory #chocolover  #instachoco #chocolate #dessertporn #dessert #desserts #dessertlover #dessertoftheday #foodie #foodies #sweettooth #tasty #foodpics #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodieday #foodiedays


April 6th –  International Carbonara Day 🍜

Sì sì sì, this day is all about Carbonara! 👌 Have a look at Bavet’s Instagram account, and how they combine beautiful photos and fun captions!

Trending hashtags: #carbonaraday #carbonara #carbonarapasta #spaghetticarbonara #pastacarbonara #carbonaraspaghetti #spaghetti #spaghettis #pasta #pastapasta #pastamania #italianfood #italian #dinner #cheese #pastalover #restaurantlife #cooking #penne #foodieday #foodiedays #foodporn #foodstagram #cheflife #foodie #foodies #foodpics #foodgasm #foodphotography



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Een bericht gedeeld door BAVET – Made for Friends (@bavet_spaghetti) op

Social Media Tips and Tricks: At this point, you might be wondering why hashtags are important. Let me explain why you use them and how best to use them. People who already follow you, will see your post in their Instagram feed. But if you want new people to see your posts, i.e. people who are not yet “following you”  you should add hashtags. Instagram has a search bar which allows people to look for things they are interested in. If you’ve used the right hashtags in your post, you’ll appear in their search results
Here are some tools that can help you get your hashtag game on point!

Here are some tools that can help you get your Hashtag Game on point!

  1. Hashtag inspiration: type in a few words that match your concept and some relevant hashtags will appear!
  2. Measure insights of a hashtag: after you chose a certain hashtag, you can measure the popularity and other insights of it

April 11th – Cheese Fondue Day 🧀

This team (mostly) loves cheese fondue! Check out Murray’s, they are pros at taking pictures of “cheese-y” content! 😃

Trending hashtags: #cheese #cheesefondueday #cheesey #cheesefondue #cheeses #cheeseplease #cheeselover #cheeselovers #meltedcheese #cheeselove #cheeseporn #cheeselife #cheeseaddict #foodinstagram #foodlover #bread #foodie #foodies #foodieday #yummy #foodphotography #chef #cheflife #restaurant #restaurantlife #chefsofinstagram #chefsofinsta


April 21st – Easter 🐰🥚

Last but definitely not least: the Easter bunny comes to town later this month! Here are some ideas of what you can do to get in on the Easter action:

  1. Serve up an easter egg with your coffee or tea. Take it up a notch: with an egg coffee (see image below).  We absolutely loved this one! 💕
  2. Brunch or breakfast bar? Organise a special  Easter brunch and post about in advance
  3. Replace the candy you give to your customers prior to leaving with little chocolate Easter eggs
  4. If your target customers include families, Easter-themed decorations create an awesome atmosphere!

Trending hashtags: #easter #easterbunny #easteregg #easteregger #eastereggs #easterbrunch #brunch #eastersunday #easter2019

The Easter Bunny will reward you for your efforts soon 😉🐰

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Get ready, set, plan!

Let’s get started and rock the month of April! Don’t forget to tag us in your Foodie Post! We’d love to see what you’re up to! 🤗