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Foodie Days Calendar for February – Ideas and Tips on how to use your [FREE] Content Calendar

Welcome to the AreTheyHappy Foodie Days Calendar for the month of FebruaryNow’s a good time to start preparing your content for next month. February is packed with traditional holidays, like Valentine’s Day. But, for those who want that extra twist, we have added a number of – lesser known – holidays. And let’s be honest: we couldn’t ignore World Nutella Day! 

With our free Foodie Days Calendar, you’ll have enough inspiration to fill this new month with awesome content! It gives you an overview of all the important foodie days of February.  

What will you find in this blog post?

  • Key dates of February
  • How to use the calendar?
  • Extra tips:

    • How to get a consistent Instagram feed
    • The importance of tags and mentions
    • The likeability of people in photos

Foodie Days Calendar February

A Foodie Day is way more than an excuse to enjoy a certain ingredient, drink or dish. It is a genuine form of content marketing for hospitality businesses, that doesn’t really seem like marketing. Instead, you’re simply celebrating food, while ever so subtly reminding your customers of why they should visit you again! 😉

Download your foodie calendar as a pdf!

Tip: click on the names of your favourite days to find out more!

Download my calendar!

Would you like to get a reminder before the upcoming foodie days?  You can add the days to your own Google Calendar by clicking here.

Get the most out of this calendar

Step 1: Use the calendar as a “base.” Mix and match the days that suit your restaurant brand and menu! Side note: There’s definitely no need to go overboard and squeeze all of the days in. Keep it relevant and pick the foodie days that match your concept and tone of voice.

Step 2: Use a planning tool to schedule your posts. Read this article to find out more about “batching and the 30:30:30 Rule to content planning” your work for a stress-free month of social content.


Case Study

We’re going to give our usual Foodie Days blog a bit of a twist. We’d like to illustrate the best ways to create great social media content in the form of a fictional case study.

Meet Le Vieux Carré’. A fancy bar that serves cocktails that look classy, but are still affordable. The target group is young men and women between the age of 25 and 35. It’s a great place for them to expand their network and have a small chat with their friends while sipping a cocktail. For some inspiration for their February Instagram posts, they downloaded AreTheyHappy’s Foodie Days Calendar, and picked three days that matched their concept:

  • 01/02 – Start of Tournée Minérale
  • 14/02 – Valentine’s Day
  • 22/02 – Margarita Day

The owner has prepared an Instagram Post for each one of the above days. Check out the following sample posts:

  •  Tournée Minérale 01/02

Tip #1 – Tag and mention relevant Instagram Accounts

In this case,  Le Vieux Carré, created a post for Tournée Minérale, an initiative in Belgium where people stop drinking alcohol for the full month of February. They tagged the brand they used for making their mocktail and the organisation of the event, to get more views!

Food events are the perfect occasion to add tags to your photo. Tagging other Instagram users in the photo will make sure your  content appears on their Instagram account as a “tagged photo.” In this way, their network might discover your business, too. Just make sure you don’t ‘overtag’ and only mention the people or brands relevant to your post. Worst case scenario, you can get blocked. 🙈

  • Valentine’s Day 14/02

Tip #2 – If possible, create a consistent Instagram feed

Le Vieux Carré chose a darker atmosphere to create a fancy and classy vibe (tip: choosing one filter can help!). Their pictures have a lot of brown and black colours in it, combined with a little touch of colour. Can you also spot the wood in each picture? It’s just a small detail, but it adds so much consistency.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. About 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every single day, so standing out isn’t very easy. That’s where your Instagram aesthetic comes in.

An Instagram aesthetic or “theme” is the overall look and feel of your Instagram feed. You can call it a ‘vibe’, ‘mood’ or ‘soul’. It’s the very first thing people notice when they visit your Instagram page, so it should align it with your restaurant’s branding. 

In order to attract followers and likes, you need to make sure it’s consistent and recognizable: i.e. maybe you have a returning colour scheme? Or a recognizable style of photographs? What vibe do you want to create: colourful, minimalistic, dark? Our tip: Choose one, make sure it matches your restaurant and then stick to it. 

  • National Margarita Day 22/02

Tip #3 – The “likeability” of people in your Instagram photos

A Foodie Day is all about food, but that doesn’t mean that your photo can’t have people in it. Did you know that pictures of human faces are 38% more likely to receive likes than those of just objects? They’re also 32% more likely to attract comments. So, don’t be afraid to face it! Ask your customers if you can share their pictures and add some shots of your team for extra engagement.

Get ready, set, plan!

We hope our February Foodie Days Calendar inspires you to create awesome content this month! Want to learn more about social media marketing and review management? Check out our other blogposts!


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