Welcome to the AreTheyHappy Foodie Days Calendar of March!

Spring is around the corner and the month of March is right in front of us! That (hopefully) means: less frosty days, more chirping birds and the first rays of sunshine attracting some hot-blooded customers to your terrace ☀️

Starting the month of March also means filling 31 days with brand new social media content. But let’s face it: it’s not easy. Our Foodie Days Calendar can help you with that! Let it inspire you to create awesome content this month!


Foodie Days – March


A Foodie Day is the perfect occasion to put a certain ingredient or dish in your menu under the spotlight! This spotlight can shine offline as well as online. Where can you find your inspiration? Right over here! The month of March may not have a lot of traditional holidays, but it has some pretty interesting (read: yummy) Foodie Days. What do you think of Pancake Day, National Oreo Day and Meatball Day?


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Get the most out of this calendar

Picture this: you own an artisanal meatball restaurant and it’s #Meatballday. You had no idea until a customer asked: “Hey, are you guys doing anything for Meatball Day?” “Well, erm …”. It’s not your fault you didn’t know. You were just busy running a successful business.

That’s the part where our Foodie Days Calendar comes to the rescue!   

How should you use it? Pick out a few Foodie Days that match your concept and create some awesome posts about it. But at the meantime, make sure you don’t overload your customers with it. Have you heard of another Foodie Day that matches your brand, but isn’t mentioned in our calendar? Feel free to add it to your own Content Calendar!




Creating a Foodie Day post is easier said than done. That’s why we are having a closer look at some predecessors who managed to publish an awesome post on #nationaloreoday #meatballday and #waffleday

Grab a little snack, because you might get hungry…

March 6th – National Oreo Day 🙌

Do you still remember the Oreo Cookie Hype? Well, this little burned-looking cookie with vanilla crème inside even got its own Foodie Day.

The last couple of years, the Oreo Cookie has served as an ingredient of many delicious desserts. What better way to celebrate National Oreo Day by serving Oreo Cake, Oreo Pancakes or even Oreo Cookie Balls? Delish listed ‘72 Insanely Awesome Ways To Use Oreos’

In the Instagram post below, cocoaroomae, a restaurant specialized in high end desserts and gourmet dishes, chose to make some Oreo Pancakes for #nationaloreoday. It’s a pity that we couldn’t enjoy these ones in real life!

March 9th –  Meatball Day 🙊

This Foodie Day Post is a real tribute to all the meatballs out there! We have to admit: Abacus Jasper’s couldn’t have said it better.

March 25th – International Waffle Day 😋

As a Belgian-based company, we couldn’t be more proud of our Belgian Waffles. Did you actually know we have two types of them? On the one hand we have our Brussels waffles and on the other hand we have Liege waffles. Find out what’s the difference between those two.

Maison Dandoy in Brussels, for instance, loves to share their Brussels waffles with their followers. And with good reason, who wouldn’t be proud of those yummy-looking waffles? 

Maybe the concept of your business has absolutely nothing to do with waffles, but that doesn’t mean #nationalwafflesday can’t be interesting for you. Here are some ideas:


You can serve up a little waffle with your client’s coffee or tea. They’ll love it!


Take a picture of your offline efforts and create an awesome post about it! You’ll make your customers’ mouth water! And at the meantime, you gave a boost to your online presence.


Get ready, set, plan!


Feeling inspired? Get started with your March Content Calendar! And of course, don’t forget to mention us (@aretheyhappy) in your brand new post 😉

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