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improve review site rankings

How do I improve my review site rankings?

Wondering how to improve review site rankings Yelp and TripAdvisor? You’re not alone! For hospitality businesses that are trying to succeed and grow, review sites are gaining importance: they have a big impact on the number of daily customers (and especially travellers) visiting their business. Yet, we know that optimizing your ranking is not easy. In this post, we go over the impact of your online reputation on your rankings, and ways to boost them for your business. 

How do I improve my review site rankings?

Before trying all sorts of ways to boost your rankings, it’s important to keep in mind that review sites use algorithms to determine your place in the list. According to TripAdvisor, rankings are based on:“the quality, recency and quantity of reviews that a business receives from users — and the consistency of those reviews over time.” 

Therefore, optimizing your ranking can and should be part of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), but it should never be your main goal. 

Instead, boost your rankings naturally. Putting effort into having great customer service and creating amazing experiences, will leverage your ranking. We’ve listed some best practices to embed review management in your day-to-day customer experience:

✔️ Prioritize posts and messages by influencers and negative reviews: these have the most impact on your online reputation.

✔️ Ask at least one or two happy customers a day to write an online review.

Start by thanking every customer for visiting and show them that you care about their experience. If they loved your concept, food, or service, stress the fact that customer feedback is of extreme value to your business. Kindly ask your biggest fans to write a review. But, never ask your customers for positive reviews.

Pro Tip:
 Look at reviews as a kind of testimonial! Every now and then, you can grab one of your customers’ reviews, and turn it into a social media post. Take some time to thank the writers! This strategy will increase credibility, and draw new visitors (and possibly new reviews) to your business!

✔️ In case of a 4 star -rating: why not ask your customers what you can change to win that 5th star! There’s nothing wrong with asking the right customer for Just make sure you ask the right person for the right reason in the right way. Otherwise, you might damage your reputation and your relationships.

✔️ Turn negative experiences into positive ones

Always answer negative reviews in a kind and understanding manner. The writer of the review might change his opinion and remove the review or even turn it into a positive one.

✔️ Never ignore negative reviews. It will give your readers the impression that you’re agreeing to what’s been said. Instead, respond to the review in a respectful way.

✔️ Respond to problematic negative reviews that could hurt your business, with your personal account. This will show the writer and readers of the review that there’s a real person behind your business and that you care about customer feedback.

i.e.: Hi [name]. I’m [your name], owner of the restaurant. Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry that [reason for negative review]. I’d love to learn more about what happened to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Feel free to send me a message via [email protected] Kind regards, [your name].

Restaurant Reviews are your brand’s business card! 

🚨 9 out of 10 potential customers check reviews before visiting a restaurant or ordering on delivery. 🚨

👉  Studies show that 1 bad review can scare off up to 10 potential customers, others show that it can be as high as 30. This is critical revenue that is lost for your brand.

👉  But the story isn’t all that simple. Download The Complete Guide for Managing Restaurant Reviews, and get more and better reviews by using our simple-to-implement tips and protocols.

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