January food events and holidays

A romantic Facebook post on February 14th, a new banner at the beginning of the summer or some Christmas decorations in the winter. That’s probably how you integrate holidays and special events in your business. Don’t get us wrong, that’s a great start, but there are actually many more dates throughout the year you can do something fun with!

That’s why we, at AreTheyHappy, are listing the most important “foodie” holidays and catering events for you each month! Are you looking for inspiration for your new menu, your content calendar or your interior? Then this article is for you.

Don’t miss out on the chance to post something funny and grab the attention of your current customers and, of course, attract some new ones! 🙂

January food events and holidays

16 januari: International Hot and Spicy Food Day

The first noteworthy foodie holiday of the year is one for fans of spicy food. A jalapeno eating contest may be a bit much (and perhaps not so relevant if you don’t own a Mexican restaurant?), but there are plenty of other ways to get creative for those who like it hot. Fun fact: someone who is a fan of spicy food, is also called a pyro-gourmaniac.

By the way, not only Mexican, Thai or Indian restaurants can celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day! Think spicy chai latte for coffee bars, extra spicy pepperoni for a pizza or even spicy ice cream for ice cream parlors.

 Recommended hashtag:  #internationalhotandspicyfoodday & #internationalspicyfoodday or #?️

 What to do:  Preparation is key. One week before, think out a special new dish idea or two. You can put your spicy dishes and products in the spotlight, or even create a brand new and unique suggestion! In addition, nicely coloured spicy peppers are the perfect ingredient to create interesting photo compositions that are guaranteed to score well on Instagram.


19 januari: International Popcorn Day

We’ve known the classic sweet or salty popcorn for a while, but variations on the familiar snack are becoming more popular each day. Garlic or paprika popcorn as a snack, Nutella popcorn as a dessert or just as a topping on a hot chocolate or a freakshake? There are lots of possibilities out there!

 Recommended hashtag:  #internationalpopcornday#internationalpopcornday? and simply #?

 What you can do:  Consider replacing your usual appetizer snacks with exotic popcorn mixes and/or serve your coffee with some new and sweet popcorn creations instead of the usual cookie. Do you want to get even more creative? Popcorn garlands are beautiful, easy to make and cheap decoration. Another creative idea is to fill little baskets with popcorn and put gift cards or discount coupons for a next visit in them.

20 januari: Cheese Lovers Day

If there is one foodie holiday that we should not have to introduce, it’s probably Cheese Lovers Day. A cheese board to share with friends, an extra slice of cheese on a burger, cheesecake for dessert, cheese fondue even or a pizza with extra extra cheese toppings? This day offers endless possibilities to get creative. Not really offering any cheese dishes in your business? You could probably get away with… a cheesy joke on your social media channels.

 Recommended hashtag:  #cheeseloversday

 What can you do:  Cheesy jokes all the way! Or you could go back to basics (lol): prep a new item on the menu and post all about it.

21 januari: Granola Bar Day

Currently mainly celebrated in the United States, but soon to be a phenomenon in Europe: Granola Bar day! Breakfast bars are tasty and healthy(ish), which makes them the ideal snack for all ages.

Especially for establishments that focus on healthy snacks or a more sporty target group – think cafés, breakfast and brunch bars, or hip hotels and B&B’s.

 Recommended hashtag:  #granolabarday

 What can you do:  You can make some healthy granola bars yourself and send them to your favorite influencers and most loyal customers, with your branding or a hand written note. With some luck, they will spread it on their own social media. Another cool idea is to share your favorite granola recipes with your customers on your page.

Happy National Granola Bar Day! Celebrate by making your own with this recipe from the forthcoming 500 Superfood Dishes by Beverley Glock (Sellers Publishing, April 2015) Granola Bars Healthy food on the go, don’t leave home without these. This version gives a soft, chewy bar, if you prefer crunchy bars try some of the variations. 4 cups granola 3 tsp. acai powder 2 tsp. maca powder 3 small ripe bananas ½ cup nut butter Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C). Grease and line a 9-inch (23-cm.) square cake pan. Mix the granola with the acai and maca powder. Mash the bananas and beat in the nut butter until the mixture is smooth. Add to the granola and mix well to combine, pour into the prepared cake pan, press down well with your fingers, and bake for 10–15 minutes until golden brown. Cut into squares and cool in the pan. Store in an airtight container. Makes 12 bars #granolabarday‬ ‪#nationalgranolabarday‬ ‪#granolabars‬ ‪#homemade‬ ‪#granola‬ ‪#beverleyglock‬ ‪#500superfooddishes‬ ‪#sellerspublishing‬ ‪#cookbook‬ ‪#healthy‬ ‪#healthyfood‬ ‪#vegan‬ ‪#recipe‬ ‪#yummy‬ ‪#granolabar‬ ‪#instafood‬ ‪#foodholidays‬ ‪‬ ‪#‎todayis‬ ‪#‎nutbutter‬ ‪#celebratefood‬ ‪#superfoods‬ ‪#superfood‬ ‪#snack‬ ‪#snacks‬ ‪#eatclean‬ ‪#cleaneats‬ ‪#cleaneating‬ ‪‬ #whole30 #wholefood #banana #newyearnewyou #enjoy

Een bericht gedeeld door Sellers Publishing, Inc. (@sellerspublishingbooks) op 

27 januari: International Chocolate Cake Day

Although International Chocolate Day only takes place in July, we can celebrate the brown gold at the beginning of the year as well. In the form of a cake that is, since International Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated at the end of January.

 Recommended hashtag:  #internationalchocolatecakeday & #chocolatecakeday

 What you can do:  Replace the usual biscuit you serve with each coffee with a piece of chocolate cake, or put a new suggestion on the dessert card, entirely in the theme of chocolate cake! Share your suggestion on social media, of course, to lure your customers to your business!

Are there important days, interesting events or fun holidays that you think are missing in this list? Share them with us and we’ll happily add them to our January food events summary. Good luck!