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Managing Restaurant reviews - The Complete Guide

6 Proven Tips to Get More (and Better) Restaurant Reviews

Your potential customers are highly interested in the others’ experience in your restaurant, especially the ones that took place in the recent weeks and months.

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Find out key restaurant marketing KPIs | Blog AreTheyHappy

AreTheyHappy 101: Key Restaurant Marketing KPIs you should know!

This article aims to help you answer the important question: How can I assess the performance of your social media tactics, both free and paid? The answer is quite simple – you need to use KPIs (key performance indicators). These are some of the restaurant marketing KPIs – key performance indicators – that marketers, managers …

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Essential Restaurant KPI | Blog AreTheyHappy

AreTheyHappy 101: Essential Restaurant KPIs every Business Owner should know!

Maintaining a positive profit margin on a consistent basis can be challenging. Here are some of the key performance indicators (KPI’s) restaurant managers and owners should keep an eye on. The essential restaurant KPI metrics we’re going to go over in this article are: Average Customer Headcount Average Revenue Per Customer Customer Feedback Food and …

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Facebook Recommendations for Restaurants Blog AreTheyHappy

AreTheyHappy 101: Facebook Recommendations for Restaurants

Last week we wrote about what to do when faced with review blackmail or threats. This week, we’re going to dive into the new Facebook recommendations feature for restaurants. We cover everything you need to know about recommendations, and how to report inappropriate recommendations to Facebook. While blackmail, which we discussed in the previous article, …

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organic engagement of restaurants and hospitality brands

5 Tips for Restaurants and Hospitality Brands to Increase Organic Engagement on Social Media

The organic engagement of restaurants and hospitality brands, has decreased a lot, but there are ways to improve organic performance without breaking the budget.

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November foodie days calendarsocial media content inspiration

[Exclusive Template] Foodie Days Calendar for Hospitality Brands | November Edition 🦃

November, the month that usually launches the start of the holidays that reunite family members, looks pretty different this year and the restaurant industry is searching for ways to keep that feeling of comfort and warmth going and the engagement flowing. 😍 We prepared a wide array of ideas to make your restaurants stay top of …

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October Social Media Content Inspiration for your restaurant marketing | Blog AreTheyHappy

[Free Template] Foodie Days Calendar for Hospitality Brands | October Edition 👻

It’s that time of the year when students go back to their universities (virtually for most, at least) with newly formed friendships and love stories😉, gift stores display their scary decor, and coffee places smell of pumpkin latte. Yes, you guessed it, it’s October a.k.a. when days get shorter and restaurant marketers get busier than ever! If you are …

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improve review site rankings

How do I improve my review site rankings?

Wondering how to improve review site rankings Yelp and TripAdvisor? You’re not alone! For hospitality businesses that are trying to succeed and grow, review sites are gaining importance: they have a big impact on the number of daily customers (and especially travellers) visiting their business. Yet, we know that optimizing your ranking is not easy. In this post, …

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Online Feedback during Christmas

How to use Christmas Feedback to Grow your Revenue in 2020

Your customers may call it the most wonderful time of the year: gathering with loved ones, surrounded by… delicious food. As a restaurant owner, however, you know it best as the busiest time of the year. It is no secret that the holiday period in the hospitality industry attracts more consumers than any other time …

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The Impact of customer feedback on restaurant growth

[Infographic] The Impact of Customer Feedback on Restaurant Growth

Customer feedback from online platforms is inarguably one of the most valuable brand assets for today’s businesses. With an astounding 91% of people aged 18-34 trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, review channels have become the face of any brand. And the hospitality industry is no exception. With 3 out of 4 people …

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live webinar for hospitality

From Recovery to Growth – live webinar series for hospitality professionals

“From Recovery to Growth” powered by AreTheyHappy is a fresh concept of live webinar for hospitality that wants to shed light on common industry misconceptions. The aim is to offer a platform for like-minded hospitality entrepreneurs to share their ideas and experiences. During 2020, the hospitality industry had to adjust their business models and adapt …

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Are They Happy customer stories

Who is using AreTheyHappy today?

The businesses who use AreTheyHappy today are motivated by the belief that, even in the digital age, doing business is still essentially about people, relationships and community. They’re joining a community of amazing entrepreneurs who believe in putting customers first! The AreTheyHappy Mindset Wibe Smulders, co-founder at Happy Tosti, a fast-growing concept in the Netherlands, …

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Involved-Wifi and AreTheyHappy | Blog AreTheyHappy

Brand New Partnership: AreTheyHappy & Involved Wifi

[Involved-Wifi and AreTheyHappy]  With AreTheyHappy’s brand new marketplace, you can integrate your favourite tools and social channels in one place. It’s everything you need to work smarter online. In this day and age, customers expect free and user-friendly guest Wi-Fi, and this is precisely what Involved Wifi and AreTheyHappy integration allow you to offer. But, they’re so …

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