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Formitable and AreTheyHappy

Brand New Partnership: AreTheyHappy & Formitable

With AreTheyHappy’s brand new marketplace, integrate your favourite tools and social channels in one place. It’s everything you need to work smarter online and make your restaurant brand memorable, with Formitable and AreTheyHappy.

Formitable and AreTheyHappy

Formitable allows guests to easily book tables at your restaurant online. They offer real time reservation, table optimization (more guests, less no shows), and gift vouchers. However, in our opinion, what truly distinguishes Formitable is their beautiful and yet simple to use interface. Restaurants such as Ron Gastrobar and Luna connect AreTheyHappy and Formitable together.

How to connect

1. Go to your Formitable Settings > Widgets
2. Copy your restaurant key (Your Formitable restaurant key is an 8-digit string that identifies your unique location)

3.  Go to the Locations settings in your AreTheyHappy account, scroll down to Formitable and paste your key into the URL

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